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                                                                Vet Bills

Vet bills vary dramatically depending on where you live and which vet you visit. Most vets will charge to see the cat (see below for costs) and then treatment is extra.

The costs below are what I actually paid at our vet in Bedfordshire for treatment for our 3 cats. You should ask for a written estimate before deciding on which vet to choose. I have indicated when we paid these amounts as you will need to allow for inflating costs. I will update these costs and dates as and when we have further treatment done.

To spay a female cat: 42 (Dec 00)

To neuter a male cat: 33  (Dec 99)

Worming tablets (bought from vet):  4  (July 04)

Flea-spray (Advantage) : 17 for a pack of 4 (July 04)

Minimum charge to see cat:     First visit - 14
                                                 Subsequent visits - 11

First vaccinations:  30 (Jul 00)
                                     + optional Feline Leukemia  22.55 (Jul 00)

Yearly booster vaccinations:  34  (July 04)
                                                        + optional Feline Leukemia  14.71 (Jun 01)
                                                        + attendance fee for injections 15.28 (Jun 01)

One of our cats has to have his teeth cleaned annually which means he has to have an anaesthetic. The costs for this is July 2004 were:

Anaesthetic - 77.55
Dental scale/polish - 64.63
Metacam injection - 9.17