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                    Cat Web Site Links

Click on the Web Address to visit the site.

www.alorac.fslife.co.uk   - This is the breeder that we bought our British Blue Shorthair from.

        - British Blue Link

www.ocicatclubuk.org - The website of The Ocicat Club (U.K.)

www.lexifersdevonrex.com  - A site all about the Devon Rex Cat

www.justdevons.com - A site about Devon Rex cats.

www.merrydancercats.btinternet.co.uk - A site all about Ocicats & Tonkinese

www.dataweb.nl/~sham/index.html - A site all about cats.

   - General Cat Care Link

- The definitive pet care website

www.iams-eu.com/unitedkingdom/cat.asp - The Iams Cat food Web Site

- The Whiskas Pet food Web Site

www.sheba.com - The Sheba Cat food Web Site

www.rspca.co.uk - The RSPCA's Web site

www.pdsa.org.uk - The PDSA's Web site

www.scampsdiary.co.uk - The NEW Pet Care Guide from The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA)

www.northsprite.co.uk - Breeders of the beautiful and exotic Ocicats (UK).

www.petcaskets.co.uk - The dignified way to say goodbye to your pet.

http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/catsbritishshorthair - BAZBRITS BRITISH SHORTHAIRED CATS. Specialist Breeders of Black/Silver Tabbies and Spotted BSH

Animate Pet Beds - Pet Beds by Animate are supplied by JPP - Luxury range of Pet Beds, Blankets, Duvets, Bean Bags, Hooded or Igloo Pet Beds, Vet Bedding, Dog and Cat Accessories. - (We will soon be selling dog coats on this site also) 

http://www.johnpaulproducts.com - Dog leads & collars, cat scratch posts & activity centres, small mammal starter kits, cold water & tropical fish aquariums  - web information links for new pet owners