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                                                Pet Insurance

Not everyone thinks about Insurance for his or her cat but you may wish you had taken it out if you are faced with a huge vet bill after your cat is injured. Caring for a cat injured in a road accident can cost 850, so when you're already worrying about your poorly cat, you do not want the added concern of how you're going to pay an enormous vet bill?

Insurance policies do vary but most will also cover for the following (this sometimes involves an increased premium, however):

Holiday protection if you have to change your plans because your pet is ill.
Pet boarding costs if you have to go into hospital.
Theft or straying of your pet - money for advertising and reward.
A refund of the purchase price following the death of your pet due to injury
or accident.

The cost varies depending on the age and breed of the cat and where you live.

You need to compare like with like when deciding which policy to choose and make sure that everything that you want to be covered actually is. Some companies offer a basic package that just covers vet bills, but you may choose to opt for extras such as reward money or advertising costs.

We have insured our British Blue cat through Tesco (the monthly premium is less than 5 per month) but there are many companies that will do Pet insurance and some provide an on-line quote and instant cover.

Here are a few:




If you have had any experiences, good or bad, with claiming against your Pet Insurance then please email me so I can put the details here. It may enable others to decide which company to insure their cat with (or not).

E-Mail Me! (npwebsite@btinternet.com)