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                                    The Problem Cat    

Badly behaved cats are a nuisance and can be quite destructive. You need to understand why your cat is doing such things as soiling, spraying, being aggressive, ruining furniture and carpets and digging up plants, and then act quickly to resolve the issues.

Soiling Indoors

An established cat that soils floors or furniture may be suffering from a urinary problem that requires veterinary treatment. If the cat is otherwise healthy, it may be a sign of stress. Do not scold or smack the cat. Provide it with a clean litter tray until the problem is resolved. Deter the cat from soiling in the same place again by covering the spot with something (plant, sheet) or use "Pet Behave Spray" to deter it from going near the area.

Nervous Grooming

There are cases of cats responding to stressful situations by over-grooming. The cat may continually lick and chew one particular part of its body for no apparent reason. This can lead to skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and sometimes baldness. A vet may be able to prescribe tranquillisers to help the cat until it settles down.


A normally placid and affectionate cat may start to behave in an aggressive way biting and scratching its owner for no apparent reason. There is usually a good reason for this type of behaviour. It may be a sign that the cat is unwell in which case it should be examined by a vet. It can also be a sign of boredom!

Spraying / Territory Marking

An established cat may spray inside the house if it is suffering from stress due to a change in its routine - such as a new cat being introduced into the home. Male cats tend to spray before they are neutered to mark their territory but you may find that they calm down once they are neutered. We have a local stray tom cat that comes in the house and sometimes he sprays in the house to leave his mark! Wash the area in disinfectant to remove the odour and try to deter to the cat from repeating the behaviour.

Scratching Furnishings

Problem -   A cat scratching furnishings (usually carpets and curtains) is not only manicuring their claws but also marking the extent of its territory as a signal to other cats.

Remedy -   Train your cat to use a scratching post and think carefully about choosing curtains and fabrics as some are just too irresistible to cats! We have a big problem with net curtains - our cats seem to enjoy the challenge of climbing up them. Our youngest cat, Treacle, also seems to have taken a liking to the bottom stair carpet and is gradually destroying it. Interestingly enough the other 2 cats have no interest in it!

Our only solution is to spray "Pet Behave Spray" and shout at the cats when they insist on destroying our furnishings!

Fighting with other cats

An un-neutered tom cat is likely to fight with other rival cats. A male cats natural instinct is to defend its territory against other males and to seek out females to mate with. You really should get your male cat neutered if you want it to come home scar free!