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                                             Our Cats

We have 3 cats - Walnut - our Pedigree female British Blue Shorthair, Dougal our male 'moggy' and Treacle our female 'moggy'.

Walnut - British Blue Shorthaired

Walnut was our first cat and she is very 'beautiful' - her nick-name is 'posh spice' as she seems to know that she is very special (and expensive)!

She was born on April 15th 1998 and we have owned her since July 1998.  Her real name is 'Alorac Kitty Maison' (this was appropriate as we bought the house from the family who bred her - hence 'kitty maison' meaning 'house cat').

She was a typical "British Blue" (see personality) - stand-offish, didn't like being picked up or fussed, hated strangers etc. etc. but she has always being very affectionate to us  (and only us!). Since  we had her spayed (at the age of 3) she is a much more affectionate cat and allows 'some' strangers to approach her.

British Blue's are renowned for being very subdued and stand-offish so do NOT buy one if you want a lap cat that cuddles up with you every night as it just won't happen! They will quite happily sit at the end of the bed but will not appreciate being picked up or cuddled. So why did we get one? Well their fur is so soft - it is like having a cuddly blanket, they are so very pretty and they are so very loyal to their owners (hence they don't like anyone else) and we think they "are cool".

Seriously though, they are expensive to buy and do not expect a cute little kitten that will sit on your lap all night and purr as it probably won't happen.



                                                   Walnut  - our British Blue  (click on pictures for enlarged view)

You can visit the Web site of the family we bought Walnut from at www.alorac.free-online.co.uk

If you own a British Blue and would like me to link to your site then please email me with details.

Email me! (npwebsite@btinternet.com)


Dougal - our male moggy


                    Dougal  - click on pictures for enlarged view

Update - Dougal sadly passed away in his sleep on 9th April 2007. It was very sudden and unexpected and we miss him very much.

Dougal was born on June 9th 1999 and is probably one of the laziest cats around.  He is very laid back and nothing seems to bother him!

He likes to be carried to his food, and then to the bed to have a nap and then back to his food. He is really fussy though and loves to be stroked, picked up and enjoys fighting with Treacle. He is a very large cat and we did wonder if he was ever going to stop growing! He is not a real 'hunter' - probably because it is too much like hard work!


Treacle - our female moggy



                                  Treacle  - click on pictures for enlarged view

Treacle was born on  May 8th 2000 and is a very affectionate lap cat. She wants constant fussing and will quite happily fall asleep on your lap and she usually sleeps on the bed with us. She loves climbing trees and has so far managed to get down each time. She spends most of her time 'play fighting' with Dougal and she also enjoys a drop of red wine and whiskey! She is a real hunter and we are getting fed up of removing all her catches from the house - birds, mice, voles, moles, lizards, frogs etc etc.  She is the only cat in our household that seems to catch animals and bring them inside for us to subsequently remove!


Walnut & Treacle

This is the closest these two have been to each other as Walnut doesn't usually tolerate Treacle!