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Vet Bills

Although vet fees for rabbits are nowhere near as expensive as cats or dogs you may find that you can still run up bills of up to £20 for just one antibiotic injection Ė which I find most vets give as a matter of course! Although we donít like to think about the subject, euthanasia can cost upwards of £10. I had to have a rabbit put to sleep on a Saturday and the bill was £20 (this was over 10 years ago though)

Some vets provide a free nail-clipping service and tooth cutting service where as others will charge you. The price can vary - I used to pay between £3 and £5 to have a Rabbit's teeth cut and £1 - £2 to have all the claws clipped. Some vets also charge an 'attendance fee' (just to see the rabbit) and this can be about £10.

Neutering a male costs about £35 and the vaccinations are about £15.

You may like to consider getting pet insurance which will help pay for the bills if the rabbit becomes ill.

You will find that it is actually cheaper to have your rabbit put down than pay vet bills but you should only consider euthanasia as a last option and certainly not a cheaper alternative to treatment.