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Technical Details on the Roland KR-375

Here's the technical detail on the piano I have if you are interested:

Introduced in July 1998 the KR-375, one of the newest additions to its popular KR line of intelligent pianos. With its superb piano sounds and a range of exciting new features, the KR-375 is one of the most value-packed intelligent pianos on the market.

With its full tonal range from deep bass to resilient treble, the KR-375 offers enhanced stereo-sampled sound with individually refined, piano quality notes. Full 64-voice polyphony gives the KR-375 a broad range of expression to handle even the most dynamic passages. Its high-quality 88-note hammer-action keyboard provides an extremely natural feel which responds to the needs of even the most demanding pianists.

In addition to superb piano sounds, the KR-375 also offers a wide variety of built-in instrument tones ranging from violin and guitar to trumpet, and amazing sound effects, including applause and rainfall. The KR-375 also has special Sympathetic Resonance effects and rotary effects to greatly expand the expressiveness of every note played.

The KR-375's Intelligent Arranger function lets pianists play as if they were members of a band or orchestra. When a musician plays a simple chord with his left hand, the KR-375 automatically adds professional accompaniment to the performance. The KR-375's Style Orchestrator function lets users easily select the number of "players" and the composition of each arrangement.

There are also 120 built-in music styles to choose from, including jazz, waltz and tango, which can be further expanded with optional MSA disks. Using the KR-375's advanced Style Converter, players can select and edit the rhythm, bass, or any other element of a Standard MIDI File to create and save original music styles.

Using Standard MIDI Files, the KR-375 gives players access to a whole new world of interactive performance and instruction. These files offer fully orchestrated versions of popular songs and styles that can be easily muted for practice. The built-in 16-track sequencer lets players make note-by-note edits, while a built-in rhythm pattern library makes it easy to add a rhythm section to any song.

The KR-375 has a wide range of features to help pianists learn and improve. Keep time to a dog, cat, or vocal count metronome, or visually with a bouncing ball displayed on the LCD panel. The KR-375 also features two headphone jacks, so players can practice any time of the day or night.

Singers can sing along with the KR-375 by plugging in a mic to the built-in microphone jack with Echo effect. Insert a music file disk containing lyric data and the KR-375 will display the lyrics on the built-in LCD, or on an external monitor/TV with the optional LVC-1. With the built-in computer interface, the KR-375 can be connected to a personal computer for access to an extensive range of music composition software.

The KR-375's deep rosewood finish and upright piano styling lend a sense of tradition and decorative accent to any room. Its blend of advanced features and traditional styling lets the KR-375 look as good as it sounds.

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