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Microsoft Money 2000

Where would I be without it?

I have a copy of the Financial Suite but there are several different versions with differing price tags!

Money 2000 is designed to help you quickly and easily manage your personal finances. You can balance your cheque book and statements, pay bills, bank online, create a budget, reduce debt, and more!

When you first install Money, the Setup Assistant asks a series of simple questions to walk you through the process of setting up new accounts and recurring bills.

The idea is that each time you spend "money" you enter the details against each relevant account or credit card and assign it to a category - e.g. vets bills, petrol, groceries, eating out etc. This allows you to see in an instant how much you have in the bank!. Once you have set up all the bills you pay each month you are able to see straight away whether you have enough cash to pay them!

You can also set up a Budgets Planner and a Debt Reduction Planner. I tried this with one of my credit cards and at the current rate I was paying it off I was going to be out of debt in 2010! (very frightening).

You can even list all your assets and where you bought them and how much they cost - we decided that this would be useful information if we ever wanted to see when a guarantee ran out or if we ever needed to make an Insurance Claim.

There are loads of different reports to create that show you how much you spend at each shop and what activities you spend all your money on - e.g. food, petrol, eating out.

Money 2000 is particularly useful if you have several bank accounts, credit cards, loans and even ISA's that you need to keep track of as it saves hunting around for all the paperwork.

For further information and details on what each of the different Money 2000 software packages can offer, visit the web site at: www.microsoft.com/money/about/products.htm

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