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The Longest Journey

Imagine being able to travel between these two worlds, between Stark and Arcadia. Imagine being able to Shift between realities as easily as stepping through a doorway. In The Longest Journey you can and in order to save the precious Balance between worlds, between order and chaos, between science and magic, you must. 

The Longest Journey is an epic adventure through the twin worlds of Stark and Arcadia, seen through the eyes of April, an 18-year old art student. The Longest Journey features more than 100 unique locations, a cast of more than 50 characters, and huge variety of story-related puzzles. The Longest Journey is a traditional point-and-click adventure game updated with state of the art technology, graphics and game play.

It has been hailed as one of the best adventure games in years so you will need to play it for yourself to find out!

My opinion

The interface is easy to use - left mouse click to interact with the surroundings and right click to view the Inventory you have picked up so far. 

This is an excellent adventure game. My only criticism is the long dialogue that you have to endure to keep up with the story. I sat for about 10 minutes listening to one epic tale and started to nod off towards the end. If you skip these long dialogues then you will miss something vital to the game play.  Apart from that, a few of the puzzles are too cryptic for my brain and I had to revert to a cheat after spending nearly an hour wandering around wondering how to advance on through the game.

My main criticism was that you could not easily jump to the exit places. Once you click on them, April will walk there slowly. You can double-click to make her run but you still have to sit and watch until she reaches the exits. I am sure they could have easily allowed a double-click to take you directly to the exit. This became tedious in a few places - I am sure you will find them.

Don't expect breathtaking graphics but on the whole an excellent game -  most reviews rave about the graphics so what do I know :-) There are so brilliant scenes, however, and so I have no real complaints about the graphics.

It took me a long time to complete the game as I stopped playing it for about 6 months and then when I came to start again, I had forgotten most of the things I had already seen and done. This didn't spoil the enjoyment though.


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